Best And Free Virus Scanners Online

Taking a new laptop, PC, or any gadget requires a safety measure, software to protect it from the virus. As the malware is growing with more speed, it is requisite to impede it as soon as possible. For such reason, online virus removal is obligatory.

virus removal
virus removal

These antiviruses prevent our system, disarm and remove the malware. Having a onetime virus scan is not adequate for the PC as it’s entailed to install the antivirus software. But on the same point, users might contemplate and review which antivirus is finest for their device. So, here are some of the virus removal which will help you update your system plus to keep yourself gadget bugs free.

Avira: What can be the best moreover free virus scanner than Avira? Among the free antivirus, the supreme performance and top ranking is this only.

online virus removal
online virus removal

It has free packages for the users and has great functioning. Talking about its features, scanning, rootkit protection, malware and much more is done by it. It is the one to scan the virus in the less possible time. This is really a best online virus scan.

Panda Cloud: Another is the Panda, a protection from all types of bugs present in the system. It assists in the online virus scan as well as destroys it fully.

online virus removal
online virus removal

Panda Cloud is a lightweight tool which gives security from the problems. Being a free product does not mean that safety will not be apt as it will be good as it is proven. All the internet viruses are even reduced and the risk goes less from the device. Timely updations, schedule scan, automatic information pops up in your system so as to safeguard the computer.

Avast: Avast antivirus is also a free software but enclosing the best features. It is an independent software working without any check or test.

online virus removal
online virus removal

Mostly people prefer it as this software is a decent one and proved functioning properly. So, won’t you have a preference with such great antivirus which is bestowing features without taking anything from you?

Jotti’s Malware Scan: If you need a scan for virus, then just go with Jotti’s Malware as it also lies in the category of free virus scanners. It assists in scanning a number of files at a time and keeps your system up-to-date with the internet activation.

online virus removal
online virus removal

Also, the virus which comes from the downloading is scanned first and then downloaded. Scan the files with and all your data will be inspected.

Metascan Online: Scanning your device will be easier with scan for virus software. The website links, uploaded files, attached hardware’s and much more can be scanned in one go.

online virus scan
online virus scan

Many of the browsers are supported with this antivirus. If the virus is removed it will show a green mark otherwise red for the threatened one.

So, whenever you think of the virus scanner just go with any of these. Though they are free hence offering the great support to the systems. We bring only the best for you so these are among them. Now, what else are you thinking? Go for it!

Have A Look At Features Of Norton Antivirus

Norton is a well-defined name by Symantec ruling most of the gadgets, gizmos all over the globe. It is accepted everywhere by the people and it works aptly. This antivirus is exceptional on top; users use it to shield their system from any kind of malware, virus which attacks the PC and make it useless. In such case, we prefer Norton support which is not a support but path for computers to get success from bugs.

Norton support
Norton support

Also, folks can try other Online Virus Scan to make secure their PC from all the malware and virus.

Users may perhaps deliberate on the point as what is the thing on which we are bragging? What special traits it owns? Here are the features of Norton Antivirus to make your trust stronger:

  • The salient quality of Norton Antivirus is the update which is done mechanically. One has to do nothing with it as every year it is updated necessarily. You do not have to worry to bring it up to date.
  • Another major aspect is the layer of threat removal which can annihilate any virus and never miss it.
  • The Norton account is Cloud-based allowing the users to make certain changes like update, fixing, renewing over on the internet with just simple clicks. What’s more, other devices can even be connected to the system to scan them for virus.
Norton 360 support
Norton 360 support
  • Norton support has made antivirus as fierce as it never allows the unknown website to get the personal information till it is not confident to be secured. 
  • The antivirus keeps on notifying the performance of files and other applications in the system and confirms the working of the PC to be at its best. 
  • Also, the detail of every file, folder, and page is offered to the user in case if any unwanted virus or threat attacks to your computer. In such case, Norton 360 support is even there to help. 
  • While connecting to the internet, the antivirus acts more carefully and continue the checking process in order to safeguard the emails, links, documents, downloading and much more. If any doubt persists, then Norton antivirus phone number is there to make an urgent call. 
  • To prevent the threats to sneak in, the vulnerability protection guards security holes in the operating system, browsers and in applications.
  • By the time your computer is plugged in, the non-critical activities are kept off to maximise the battery life through the power saver settings.
  • Browser protection is evenly bestowed to keep your searching and internet usage threat free plus to stop the bugs hinder the exploring.
  • This antivirus has the intelligence factor to detect before downloading that whether the page is able to run and ready to download the item or not.
  • Regular updating of new changes as well as information of new features is given to do the modifications online only in order to keep the system protected.

Norton antivirus is having so many benefits that no one can keep the system away from the protection of it. Now, if you have read them, then just download it now and make your system virus free.

Norton antivirus support
Norton antivirus support

How Can Access Files From PC Remotely

Being out of the house is sometimes really arduous to handle the PC work at home. After being far from the place, we revisit to complete the task. But, now there is a new modification which technology has done by bringing remote access. Through this way, you can access the PC remotely from outside as well. By making the settings of home media server, there will be a technique to do remotely work. Also, if you are not capable of doing it, therefore remote desktop support is always in hand to ask.

remote desktop support
remote desktop support

For this reason, one has to perform the settings in that accordance as user can be profited anywhere. What all things are required are initially given here:

  • Your computer must be faster as well as the internet connection should not be slow. Don’t keep the internet protracted as it will take a lot of time to link.
  • There can be any router providing having the forwarding capabilities.
  • The software’s in the system will vary as per the level of setting.

After getting all the things and knowing the features, the settings will be done to do the PC remotely. Even much other software’sare to assist for the functioning. Sharing and making the changes can be done with latest items. By doing the change of remote setting, user is going to use the computer remotely from anywhere. One can execute anything which a user wants to perform over on the server. At times, it happens that due to weak connection, problems come and hinders the functioning. User can have remote pc support from our team.

remote pc support
remote pc support

Along with it, some of the sharing settings are available by default in Windows which is really turning point for users. Others have the need to download it but having it there is easy to just turn it on and work. To look over it, one is the VNC for you to choose the settings as per the requirement. Once it is done, you have to link your device and connect them.

When you download the VNC, you have to install there in the system and have to enter the password of the choice. Then through IP address, the system will be tied to your gadget which you want. Afterwards,try to add the files through it in order to share it. Consumer will come to know if it is working or not. User can send any media file through this way as it will become easy as well as remote work will be beneficial. Moreover, it will save the time of going from here to another place.

Depending on the devices as in Windows, Mac, the settings and the option of functioning will differ as well. But user does not have to worry as our team will be available 24*7 to assist you wherever you need us to be. Remote IT support is given by us for all the users connected to us and wants to get linked. We are here to make the people know and understand the latest things.

Easy Tips To Quickly Speed Up Your PC

Are you ready to splash out on a new system? Are you fed up of using the old slow computer? Then have you mulled over if another PC will also start running slow? Why don’t you weigh up towards getting it better? Most of the people face these problems of computer running slow, nevertheless multiple ways are there to get it well. Users can just follow these simple tips to get their PC work better:

speed up pc
speed up pc

Reboot your system: Do you remember when you last rebooted your system? Mostly we don’t get time to do it, but if the system is not working properly and you need to speed up computer, then just reboot it. This is a way to get up the speed of your PC.

Running programs: Often it happens that there are so many programs running behind that we never come to know. We just go on using what is there of our use. However, the common difficulty arises from this. Just check your system from the task manager and see what all is there unnecessarily running in your computer. Uninstall those unwanted applications to speed up pc.

Virus attack: Mostly we don’t come to know about the virus attack on the pc. The speed of the PC goes slow and we keep on guessing the reason of that which we judge can be opening of the number of files. But when we come to identify the thing, we deem that how to fix a slow computer? Hereby the solution is to have an antivirus in your system. Once you download it, all the threats will be cleared and the speed will become normal again. And if you want Virus Removal Service then get in touch with our experts.

virus removal
virus removal

Cleaning of the disk: You might ponder what is the cleaning of disk? Do I have to clean it with cloth and liquid? No! Cleaning of the disk is helpful to speed up computer. Some of the temporary files are stored in the hard drive which generates difficulty in your PC. Firstly, just have the disk cleanup utility to clear the temporary files.

If some of the files are not cleaned, then from the start menu, type Run on the search menu and write %temp% and from that, just delete all the temporary files which were slowing down your system.

Hardware problem: Other than above defined obstructions, the reason can be the obstacle due to hardware. So, just have a check over it and get it repaired soon.

Upgrade the memory: Reason can also be that the memory of the system is full and there is no space to store more data in your system. Then to speed up the computer, it is required to upgrade the level of memory by getting the memory of higher bits. Check how much of the memory is filled and left which will let you know to perform accordingly.

These are some of the main tips to know the cause of slow pc. We always get trouble due to this. But if you are ready to follow the given tips, you will definitely get the root of your glitch and will repair it as soon as possible. Don’t just shift the system, change the way of handling it!

speed up computer
speed up computer

How To Set Up A New PC

Bored with your old system? Or your last PC is not working? Are you trying to set up a latest system? While doing that, you must be worried if your earlier system wasn’t of much use or did not work properly? Now, you might be having a point to put up the new computer either through pc tech support or by yourself only.

online computer tech support
online computer tech support

As with the modernised world, user can notice number of changes with are helpful to them for their latest gadget as well as to their work. Similarly, to perform the setting in an effective manner, here are the following steps to it:

pc tech support
pc tech support

Update the windows: The initial step to set up a new system is to update the windows in it. Though it will take a long time, it is a tedious work, yet one has to perform in order to set. Then from System and Security, go to Windows Update. Moving to next thing, check the update of Windows. Once you will notice the update in the Settings, then just Download and install them. Following to it, you have to reboot the PC and have to do it time again.

pc tech support
pc tech support

Install the browser: The internet connection must be strong enough to install the browser. Just install your favourite browser in your system whichever you need.

virus support
virus support

Put in the antivirus: Now, the user has to install an antivirus in order to safeguard the PC. Downloading the Windows 8 will offer you the antivirus settings in the computer only. Once you install a security protector, then you can work, open and download whatever in your system. There will be no boundary as it will be protected. Even if user is not able to perform, online computer tech support will be there for you.

online computer support
online computer support

Clean the useless items: After downloading the antivirus, the prior thing must be to scan the system for any crap entered your system through internet. User can see all the details about which items are getting scanned and which should be get deleted. Once all the items of the system will be listed, you can cut the crap one by one and see what all required items should be there in your PC. If any of the file is not getting cancelled, just uninstall it. Still if is giving difficulty, then just go for pc support.

computer support
computer support

Update the drivers and software’s: As you are just done with cleaning and updating of the Windows, then you can update your system with the software’s you want to have. Put up all your desired things in your system and make it different. Once it is safe and easy to go, do whatever you want as no virus or anything will affect the computer.

pc support
pc support

Now just enjoy your own set up system which is just ready for you. No need to worry as if you requires any changes after updating, our numbers are always there for users who can call and can clear their queries whenever needed. Our technical team is well trained and know what else is requisite.

Mac Option Key for Variety of function and actions

mac help
mac help

Sometimes in the line of so many keys, few of them do the work of the limelight. There are certain keys which are used in almost every function. Similarly, if you notice, in the Mac, there is also a Command (cmd) key working with nearly all the keys. At times, this key puts up a lot of functions which are behind the scenes which we don’t comprehend. If you are not able to access its work properly, then you can contact Mac support anytime.

Given are the ways in which you can use the Mac key joining with others as well as knowing the actions:

  • Mostly, either we drag the files from one folder to the other or copy-paste the items. So, to get the same function in the Mac, to copy the file, you can use the Cmd + C and for pasting it will be Cmd + option + V. Pasting will not be same as done in the other Windows.
mac support
mac support

Even to check, from the Edit menu, check the paste option which will denote Move Item Here, equal to cut-paste.

  • Moreover, when we delete the item, after deleting the thing, it goes in the trash by default which again is a pain to clear. To get rid of such problem instantly, here are the ways:
  1. From the keyboard if you are deleting files, click Cmd + Option + Delete instead of Cmd + Delete.
  2. However, if you are deleting it from the File Menu, then click Delete Immediately rather than using Move to Trash option.
  • To speed up the browser, it is requisite to delete the browsing history in Safari. Nevertheless, the idea of deleting the website preferences and cookies is bit annoying.

So, in that case, Safari allows you to delete the browsing history. From the option of History, in the drop down menu, there will be an option of Clear History and Keep Website Data. It is an easy solution to solve the difficulty. Even if you don’t come to know, contact apple Mac support for further assistance.

  • Also, if you want to paste the location of the file in another program, then in the Finder, search that file. In its context menu, there will be an option of Copy “filename” as Pathname in spite of Copy “filename” option.
  • If the user is disturbed and distracted from the notifications, then you can activate Do Not Disturb. In the Notification Center, by scrolling up, then slide the Do Not Disturb to the right.
  • To augment the volume or the screen brightness, a simple way is to select Shift + Option with the specially assigned keys of them. Through this, you can manage them easily.
mac customer service
mac customer service

As a result, there are a number of ways to use this key for your actions. If still you are unable to perform, then there is nothing to worry as Mac customer support is a suitable choice. We are always around you to handle your complexities. Now, just read them and see all are easy ways to work.

Is Mac Replacing PCs In The Office?

With the increasing Mac support, Apple’s Mac hardware is expected to have eminent gains over a period of 3 years from now. As per the report, Mac is supported by the 96% of the IT professionals out of 500 in September 2015, making this clear that IT professionals prefer to use Mac in place of PCs in their offices.

Mac Support
Mac Support

The top reasons of Mac replacing the PCs include:

  • Extended Mac customer support and Mac Help option lead to less maintenance cost in terms of money, time and effort. Apple offers exclusive quality support and is considered one of the best Mac customer service provider with one year limited warranty and a 90 days complimentary support for phones. The Mac customer service includes the support for phones, online Mac customer support, and Apple Retain Store that enables you to fix an appointment with the Mac experts.
  • Security is one of the most typical reasons to replace the PCs with Mac hardware. Mac is the safest hardware till date and suffers quite lesser virus and malware attacks along with online attacks in comparison to Windows based PCs. 75% of the IT professionals out of 500 who participated in the survey considered Mac more secure than any other OS.
  • Another reason for Mac to be more favorite is that it is capable to run Windows on Apple devices but not the vice versa.
  • Mac enables to run two enterprise platforms at a single machine thereby cutting off the expense of two machines down to one and hence increasing productivity as well.
  • Mac comes with most of the software loaded with it. Unlike PCs with other OS that allow you to buy, install or download a wide range of software, Mac serves you with pre-loaded of versions of most such software. Now with Mac you get various useful applications including iTunes, Maps, Garageband, Photos, FaceTime, iMovie, Keynote, and many more pre-installed that facilitate you to make movies, create picture collages, music creation and polish your creative skills. Most importantly, your favorite Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote is now available on Mac systems. You can even run Windows on Mac.
  • All Mac components have been optimized for better performance and user experience. Much better quality components and issue if firmware updates by Apple enhances the performance of the Mac components and providing enhanced battery life to Mac systems.

It’s true that Mac systems are expensive but they are really ahead of PCs in all aspects, may it be security, performance and scalability along with being of high standards.

In addition to the above mentioned reasons, the most powerful Mac support is the major reasons of switching to Mac systems from PCs by the IT professionals in their offices.

Choose The Best Antivirus Protection

Internet is full of threats, menaces; however it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy the services of it. In 21st century, the whole world is internet based as you can connect in any corner of the world. Don’t you feel for such condition you need fortification? Something must be there to protect. With that, the shield must be present. All the malwares block the system and halts the working. To have a save and guarded facility, avail the best virus protection pack. Such virus protectors are there in order to safeguard your system from any attack. Luckily, the virus protection techniques are there in order to control them. Even though, we have a question that which software is the supreme to protect.

online virus removal

Multiple anti-viruses are there in the list having the feature of controlling the attack of virus. Not only the computer, however your laptop, Smartphone’s and many other devices with internet can have virus. You cannot yet deem of what type of viruses can be there like ransomware, adware, Trojan to name a few. They are very unsafe and can destroy the data of your pc. So, to get rid of them, just get the virus removal service in your gadget and secure it.

Among the variety of the scanners, there are some which are least effective while some are superfast to control. As you get online, the antivirus begins to work. Depending upon the selection of the virus removal, the functioning of it differs. Choosing the single layered or multi-layered antivirus protection, the operation of them will not be the same. In the selection of them, here are the listed anti-virus which you can select as per the system:

  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus
  • Emsisoft Anti-Virus
  • McAfee Anti-Virus
  • Panda Anti-Virus
  • AppGuard
  • AVG Anti-Virus
  • G Data
  • Avast Anti-Virus

Every single anti-virus works as per its design, capability and gives the output. These are amid the best virus protection which you use. They are not only there to defend the virus, but even update the system by getting in reach with internet. Additionally, it stops the progress of the link which is virus infected. Usage of these anti viruses is very helpful.

computer virus removal service
computer virus removal service

As they protect the system, but even let you have the secure transactions, letting out the trash from pc, browsing safe history, scanning the files, the hard drives attached to the system. They are full pack protection which is mandatory for everyone using internet. Don’t neglect the security as your device must be having important as well as confidential data. So, to protect from the hackers and the attackers, it is a must have necessity.

In spite of the fact that you download the anti-virus for permanent support, you may even have the online virus scan through the best virus protector. Though, you have to pay for downloading the anti-virus other than you can directly scan your any gadget online and can get it safe and sound. Have the harmless working with the control of protection on the system.

Undo Send with Gmail

Guess what now you can go back in time without using a time machine at least as far as correcting the mistake you just did while sending an email  and realize you’ve sent it to the wrong person like an email which is supposed to go to your friend has gone to your father, which was indented for  you’ll know the feeling of dread that hits the pit of your stomach. Gmail Technical Support is giving step by step procedure to enable undo send.

But thankfully, for Gmail users at least, there is now a solution to spare any future blushes.

Google has made its ‘Undo Send’ tool an official and permanent feature nearly six years since it launched as an experiment in Gmail Labs.

The feature has lived in Gmail’s “Labs” area, which the company uses to test out new features, since March 2009.

When you enable Undo Send, you’re able to “Recall” an email up to thirty seconds after you hit the send button — Gmail just delays sending briefly so you have a moment in case you change your mind, this is configurable in the settings on General tab.

I am not sure about you but You’d be surprised how often I’ve caught a mistake just as I send an email, so the feature is a lifesaver for me.

Undo Send now lives in Gmail’s settings under the “General” tab. It’s disabled by default, but it’s worth turning on if you haven’t already.

If you make a typo or regret sending a message, you can undo the action by enabling the “Undo send” . This will give you the option to take back a message you just sent.

Follow the steps to enable the undo send:

1. Click the gear in the top right .

Gmail Settings

2. Select Settings.

Setting Menu


3. General Tab

Undo Send
Select your preferred time lag


4. Check undo send and select desired time lag.


Save Settings

5.  Now draft an email and send it, you will have an option to undo your action.

test undosend

You see and option to “Undo” send email.

Happy Gmail Unsending 🙂


Creating a strong password

Create a strong password

Using a strong password is the best and easiest way to make sure your account stays secure. Following are some tips to create a strong  password.

Strong passwords should…

Include numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters

The more varied your password is, the harder it is to guess. Use at least one number, one letter and one special character.

Avoid sequences or repeated characters

Theses passwords are weak:

123456789, 77777777, abcdefgh,


adjacent characters on your keyboard (ASDF).

Not be obvious

Never use personal information like your name, birthday, TAX ID number, Passport number , zip code etc.

Use different passwords for different sites

Otherwise, if someone acquires that one password, they could use it to access your accounts with other sites.

Long Password are secure

More characters create more secure password. For example, “arbvkwrvwp” is stronger than “arncef”.

Additional password tips

Keep your password safe

  • Keep it freshChange your password regularly; at least once a year. The more often, the better.
  • Keep it secureKeep a record of your passwords in a safe place.
  • Don’t share itNever give out your password to anyone, not even friends.
  • Don’t recycle themCreate new, unique passwords. Never re-use one from the past.
  • Use antivirus softwareEquip your computer with antivirus software.
    • Even if you have a secure password, a computer virus can allow someone to compromise it.
  • Be carefulIf you get an email asking you to change your password or provide any personal information, be cautious, even if it appears to come from a legitimate company.
    • Type it in yourselfRather than clicking a link in such an email, type the site’s URL into your browser’s address bar.
  • Look for yahoo.comOnly type your sign-in information for Yahoo products into sites that end with “”.

Tips for mobile devices

  • Lock itMany devices can be locked so that the only way to use them is to type in a code or password.
    • Without a lock, lost or stolen devices can easily be used to access your personal information, make calls, or send texts that look like they’re coming from you

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