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How To Make Windows PC Risk-Free From Malware

Bygone are the days when users used to move with system for technical help as if now it is right there at the door and available wherever you are. Technical services are in boom these days as whenever and wherever any technical glitch occurs, users run towards technical support. Nowadays not only the calling but online support is easily accessible as customers can solve the issues in very less time. We, ”Spotageek” being a great team of customer support offers 24*7 help to all the users reaching us with the difficult.

Computer support services

Talking about if your system is being captured by malware and user is unaware to find any solution for that. Then don’t get panic as we are available in your system only to assist user. The users are required to follow these steps:

    • Work in safe zone: From the safe zone doesn’t mean that a battle is on and the user will be fired by others’ soldiers. It means that to protect the computer, first disconnect from the internet and make the PC on the safe side. The reason is that virus will not spread more and will remain at the same place. Moreover your private data will remain secure through this. Other than this, boot the PC and keep in safety mode of Microsoft. Only the needed programs will load and the rest like if malware will try to load it, the Windows will prevent it.

    • Get rid of temporary files: After entering the safe mode, delete the temporary files which are just taking the useless space in your system. In the Windows 10, Disk Cleanup is directly accessible.

  • Download and Run Malware scanner: There is no need to worry as once you have cleared the system well and Windows are running properly, now just download the malware scanner and leave everything on it. The running of the malware will keep looking in the secret corners to look for the virus and to get rid of it forever. Even if the internet is not working, the antivirus will work on the Windows for the user support. This is to secure the system all the time and work without any tension or difficulty. If anywhere there will be a problem; computer tech Support Company is around for assistance.

Our technical team is well versed and can simply clear all the doubts and difficulties which user faces. We easily come to know about where the possibility is to tell the users that system will work or any changes will be required. Computer support services are there to give help and keep the system secured and solve all the issues.

As a number of options are there among which user can prevail whatever option they need and every single company offer a variety of services and facilities to attract the user. But “Spotageek” only provide the genuine and the utmost important information and technical service which can make the user go spell- bound at once and they can use the system without any problem. Computer tech support is just there to listen to the users for better service.

Get Technical Help For Common Mac PC Issues

Are you using a troubled system? It isn’t working properly? We know that most of the users these days spend their time on systems, laptops, Mac which makes their work easier. But when any trouble comes up, what do you consider? Do users prefer to move out or call someone home or office for help? Yes! We know that it is difficult and just for that we “Spotageek” is offering the best online Mac Support to our consumers.

mac support

Mac issues sometimes are really bothersome and the user generally gets aggravated by the wait when the work is utmost important. In such cases Online Mac Support can solve the difficult in a better way. Now you may consider that how can the support be used in better way through online or by calling on a Mac Support number.

Here are the ways to do that in a better way:

• Support from websites.
• Technical help from peers.
• Assistance from the one who is familiar with Mac
• Help from the Mac website.
• Contacting the Online Mac Support.
• Making call on Mac Support Number.

Generally the issues being faced by the users are mentioned here:

• Kernel Panic issues.
• Unable to sync two systems.
• Documents are not opening in applications.
• Some browser issues.
• Unidentified problem.

So such issues are really annoying and users prefer to have immediate support for this. So either contact through Online Mac support or just make a call to “Spotageek” team who will sort the problem in few minutes. There will be no issues of privacy as it will be maintained well. We keep our customers satisfied and contented.

No matter what Mac support is needed, we are always at best to help the users. It is for users to choose the feasible option for themselves. We always assure that there will be no complaint or default to disturb user later on. We completely bring the best results through our knowledge and by offering the best support. By living in the comfort zone, access all the information and reach us anytime and anywhere. All the software issues will be tackled and with the best solutions. Our team is 24*7 available for the users. So enjoy using Mac at best!

How Online Support is Favourable

Aren’t the issues in the system is getting high? Are you really in search of good computer tech support? In today’s time, as users spend much of their time around system, they require the best computer support services which can help them at the same moment. In accordance with that now online tech support is available for the users. All the PC related issues will be handled on time and there will be no issue left being faced by the users.


computer tech support

Without neglecting the benefits of the system, we, Spotageek know that various problems are even linked with the PC. Moreover, it is easy to operate it whereas sometimes it becomes difficult to handle the system and in that case we get the medicine in this troubling system. Computer tech Support Company is only there to listen to all the glitches taking place and helping the users in the best possible manner.

The users can get the computer tech support 24*7 which is an online support to dealing with extreme level of difficulties. Firstly, the whole problem is diagnosed properly by the team and then later on the troubleshooting of problem is done. Once if the problem will not be solved, we will be there accessible anytime by the user to sort the trouble.

By getting the remote help works better for the consumer that they can access it anytime and put it on test anytime. No matter what time, what day it is, if a user needs help, our computer tech support will be around the corner to aid the consumers. All the predicaments will be fixed easily and the best computer support service will be offered. Not only will the system help, but even if anything related to email, internet issue or such thing is there, we will always lend a hand to our users.

Online support is not helpful for one but all the consumers can get on that track to sort their problems. Any of the user using any of the devices be it laptop, desktop screen or any such peripheral device is there, we will sort the error at the same moment. The benefits of getting online support are:

  • Service for 24*7
  • Support for any device
  • Inexpensive support
  • Super Saver offer
  • Best technology
  • Expert team
  • On the spot service


Don’t you count all these things beneficial for yourself? There was even the time when for the support user needed to move far from the place to locate for service which even was there for limited time and took days. But now it is at hand and easily available for all the users. We offer the support by the trained team who takes care of everything equally. We have sorted team for all the hardware, software and inbuilt problems, so just don’t worry and come for help anytime.

Our supportive team always feel helpful and are ready to provide effective help. Spotageek takes care of every need of the user which we know halts the system and working on it. So, it is a good offer for users to enjoy and ask for assistance whenever they need it online.

Outstanding computer Technical Support Services by Smart Technicians

Every field has a dedicated professional be it health, food, sports to name a few. Likewise, for the latest technology, the computers are also among those who need experts. These expert professionals do not only recommend the things to do, however, evenly share a part to improve the working of the pc. These expert employees are like doctors for your pc. They know that which action can be useful to mend the issue. In the same manner, to enhance the level of their tech support, the advanced practice is there, online computer support specialist in which they make their greatest to help the users.

online computer tech support
online computer tech support

With the smart technology and users, they just don’t want to be glued to a single thing. Every single day, they require something different, somewhat new. For those reasons, this computer tech support assistance is available for the comfort as well as for easy approach. Getting assistance through this mode gives them the ease to reach our team at anytime in between 24*7 plus can share any problem they want. Not only this, user can give us call on the given numbers for urgent help or can drop us an email for which we reply as soon as possible.

All the technical agents perform their best for their customers. The technical team kept for online support is of high-quality, full of energy, smart as well as active. They know how to handle which snag and what can be the solution of customer’s hindrance. The trained team is at hand for immediate way outs moreover up to the mark. If somewhere the user is not convinced, they can easily ask for the same as we are always there to make you contented. Our aim is only the contentment of our customers.

Here are the snippets of the benefits customers get through online support:

  • Instant help
  • 24*7 available service
  • Connoisseur team
  • Effective solutions
  • Time saver
  • Easily contacted
  • Any technical issue
  • For new connection
  • Troubleshooting
  • Any information

Computer support specialists deal with every intricacy which comes to the user. We feel really happy when customers come up with their issues and we guide them in the best possible manner. The wait they have to do for their turn bestows them the fruitful result. You can use your system at any time and if it halts, then we will there to assist remotely.

We never make our customer feel low as they are the main aim of our work. If they will not be happy, then our exertion leads to null. This excellent technical support is just for the comfort of users so that they can work easily wherever they are. Users running their business through PCs, for them it becomes a necessity to go for online support.

Accordingly, there should not be any other thought disturbing your mind as we are here to sort everything. Don’t panic yourself or no need to move in the wrong direction. Staying with our team will always give you the affirmative guidance.

Resolve Every Single Issue With the Help of Spot A Geek.

Customer service is the most difficult task these days by listening to user’s every problem and to answer it properly. Even after, the question remains that whether the customers are satisfied or not? So, in the similar way, Mac customer service is doing their best to assist their customers in remarkable technique.

mac support number

Many of such issues appear which are sometimes easily handled by the customer, however; it is mostly out of our hands. For that, rather than running hither and thither, a user should get in touch with the customer executives. We have a trained team which is exceptional in dealing all the problems. We never compromise in dealing or listening to the glitch. Once the user is there through phone, email or chat, we have just attended them with a priority and then move to others.

Most of the times, users come up with such of the issues to be resolved:

  • Software or hardware issue: Getting stuck with the software or hardware problem? Is that your system goes slow or not working properly? Are you trying to keep your PC up-to-date? Then nothing to worry as we will assist in all. We are handling all such hardware as well as software obstructions which you are dealing with.

  • Reinstalling Mac OS: Can you see the trouble with the OS? Do you want to reinstall it but you cannot do that? Well, our team is there to help with all the issues you have. Installation of the system will not give you the earlier information however the speed and working on it will be improved. Our trained technical department executive knows what all has to be done.

  • Antivirus installation: Is that virus affecting your system? What are you doing in that case? Consequently, when we download or attach any other device to our computer, it fetches the unwanted malware in it. For such reason, users just contact us as we will solve their troubles. We will install the antivirus in your system and it will be secured for the future.

  • Not able to work: Supposedly, if you are trying to open any folder or file and due to any some problem, your Mac is not accepting it, then our expert team is there to get deeper into it and gives you the solution. We will either check your system remotely or will ask you the things happening and similarly will reach to the root.

Accordingly, there is nothing to deem upon as our customer helping team is always for you. Our mac support number, and every detail are there flashing on the screen which is accessed 24*7. We will never let you down because you are the most important one for us. Therefore, just relax and enjoy your device and whenever you unearth any hindrance; we will be there next to you.

Our main concern is the happiness of our users. We are doing much more and introducing added methods merely to assist our customers. Once you will be in reach with us, we assure that you will never go to anywhere else.


PC’s most common problems & their solutions

Help! Help! Help! My system is slow! My PC is not working! Virus Attack! What will I do? How will I complete my project? These are some of the things which agitate and make us shout. We just get bamboozled with a thought of taking it to shop, repairing, lots of time and so on. Such problems frustrate us to the level of height, and we can’t stand them.

Gmail customer service
Contact us 844 400 1570 for computer tech support

As if now, fortunately, you can become the master of your system. You may find me sounding weird or dim-witted. But, yes! Users can perform all these by themselves. In brief, consumers can be online computer geeks by themselves

Comprehending the issues and troubleshooting them will not be intricate for you these days. You shouldn’t be panicked by all as if you won’t be able to fix, the higher support, online tech support services are by hand. Users must know to cope with the most common issues like system slow, restarting problem or notifications, etc. To end up the common predicaments, here are some of them and the way to sort:

  • Firstly, if your computer is running slow or internet connection is slow; refresh your computer with a right click on empty space or just press F5. If it’s still not working, then check the space in your hard disk. Maybe it is full, and that is the reason of the slow system. Then, from the window button and R, configure the system. Uninstall the programs which are not in use. This will deliberately increase the speed.

  • Freezing or restarting of the PC is yet another problem faced by multiple users. The problem can be with hardware. To solve it, just update the network card, drivers, and motherboard to name a few. Whereas the reason of freezing can be a virus or any program taking more space what your memory can handle. So, it is suggested to remove the hardware’s one by one and check them.

  • Mostly, we even face a difficulty of ads appearing on the screen unwantedly. Though we don’t know from where they pop-up. In such case, you must have the Adware removal in your system. This will scan your PC and let you fully know the reason of the ads running on your computer. Online tech support services will be there to help as well.

Users also face the problem of browser hijack in which your browser seems to look weird. You haven’t attempted any change still it is modified. For the reason, sometimes it happens that hackers direct your browser to the paid pages. Even they can steal your personal information through it. Subsequently, run a proper antivirus in your system to save your PC.

If consumers are not able to open their attachments, then probably the reason can be the software. Hence, it is obligatory to update the software in your device. Online computer geeks are on hand.

So, if you lack somewhere to do it, computer technical support services are always there to listen, assist and to make you happy.


A guide of Office for Mac

Are you in the habit of using a Mac? Or are you planning to buy a new Mac for yourself? Mac is really a very beneficial technological product being offered by the Apple. Using it will provide ample of benefits to you. One of the biggest uses goes with office for Mac.

mac support number

We know that in today’s time, with changing technology and advancement, you do not get easily satisfied. Some of you might be using the earlier version of office for Mac i.e. 2016.which involves Excel, Word, Power Point and other helping tools. There all are available in a number of forms but here Mac has decided to relief you from the old setup.

Now, you can use the new option that is office for Mac 2017. After the launch of 2016 version, it has been a five –year gap to bring the 2017 version into the market. Even after this, a new version will come in coming years.

As the latest version is there to launch soon, Mac will stop the support for Mac 2011 as you will have to update yourself with the latest version and need to run High Sierra on your Mac.

As it is the new version being unveiled, definitely there will be some of the exacting features existing in the Mac 2017 version. This will have a direct link to the Windows one. The working of it is “authentic” with the platform on Mac moreover with the Microsoft design.

By offering the better enhanced features, it will be popular among users to use. It includes calendar features, better search options to level up the performance and the user experience.

In order to buy office for Mac, you can choose one of these methods. Firstly, through one-off payment in which you can get it for life but will not get updates and will not known about new version till you pay a one – off payment again.  Those who are not comfortable with monthly payment can select it. Moreover who are not interested to update the version?

Depending on the requirement of the user be it a business reason or for the student, it will engulf different features and similarly, the cost will month to month basis or on yearly base. To include the extra features of the package, you can install Office 365 on some of your other devices.

Not only this, Microsoft for office in touch bar facility is available in PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Outlook. To insert comments, photos, user can use it in Word. If you need to present a slide show, “view-specific controls” option will be available in PowerPoint. Even in the coming time, considering the business point of view, Skype and Outlook will even get Touch Bar support.

In case if you find any difficulty, they call for Mac support as we are always available for our users. We will be happy to help our users and provide the best support. You can also ask for help through Online Mac support or there are numbers through which you can call us which is Mac support number.

How To Troubleshoot Computer Crash Issue.

A computer crash is an obvious thing which occurs in almost every system. Once it crashes, only you can wait or can reset it manually. This sudden crash is always agitating as once its working and with eyes blink, it stops. All your files and work just vanish with it. Numbers of crash signs, warnings are there to let you know the reason. Some are just to remove with a simple way. But if not eradicated, they can turn into a big problem. Knowing the cause and the base may assist in getting way out on time. Computer tech support specialist is readily available for such causes.

computer tech support Continue reading How To Troubleshoot Computer Crash Issue.

How To Stop Computer Attack Through False Support Services?

Don’t you feel interrupted when you see fascinating links all around the web page you have opened? Have you never felt to open and check what all is there for your choice? Or have you clicked any of the links by fault? These things are normal and genuine users get tempted to the advertisements being shown and flashing on any of the pages. Moreover, later after clicking it once, number of pop-up windows sieges the browser and makes it difficult to control. Even due to this, your computer goes slow and you face issues?

Online Computer Tech Support Continue reading How To Stop Computer Attack Through False Support Services?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free Online Virus Scan Services

The growing demand of the users and the increasing number of users are making the online web servers more important as well as challenging. With this urge of the customers, the programmers are making every effort to make it as friendly as possible. What happens is that with the rising requirement, several new features are unveiled among which one is unquestionably the security of privacy and user’s system.  For that, online systems scan for virus is accessible.

online virus removal
online virus removal

Nowadays, the service providers are themselves giving the antivirus product just to make the customer feel secured. Besides that, they are launching the peculiar featured products to differentiate themselves. In a similar manner, free online scan for virus services is offered to every single individual to safeguard their computer plus to enjoy the services.

Given here are some of the advantages of the free online virus scan facilitieswhich will let you know about them:

  • The foremost point is this scanning service is totally free.
  • Whenever you will be scanning your system for virus, keep yourself assured that it is the latest virus scanner scanning your computer for the bugs.
  • While downloading the antivirus on your PC, you have only one choice to download for the Windows. Whereas, online scanning can be done with the assistance of multiple scanners. There is no limit to choose as all can be used.
  • At times, the entered virus halts the working of antivirus and corrupts the windows and don’t let the virus removal work properly. In such case, user lefts with only the choice to scan virus online.
  • Online scanning is beneficiary as user can do whenever he/she wants also can update the system with the latest changes.
scan virus online
scan virus online

Talking about all, these are the perks of online scanner which helps in various ways. Nonetheless, it happens that sometimes users do not find it efficient or unearth some difficulties as given under:

  • A User cannot get the online scan service without internet. There must be internet facility to keep your systemupdated through it.
  • Mostly scanners need the particular browser to be available on the computer.
  • It may even take a lot of time to check the system or while scanning more viruses can be towed.
  • It is not a permanent security for the PC as when it is scanned online then the user can safeguard the system. Once it is away from the scanner, then the chances of magnetizing the virus are there.

In such a case, a customer has to be active and updated with the latest things. An online virus scanner is helpful however; some things are really to be kept under notice as well as precautions to be taken. If the user finds any problem, give us a call or chat with us. Our technicians are always there to help you. Services are available 24*7 for you. So, just go for the online virus scan and keep your system at peace and your mind calm. We give the quality to the users.